Rich is Better… Yo!

Well rich is better, who disagree? I’m outta here. I know it’s kinda awkward to say such a thing, but the fact that we have to GET REAL. I always hated whoever invented money, he ruined the world. But since the world is ruined and I don’t think I can fix that, I will just have to think that being rich is better.

My lecturer said that, advertising is only a small part of what the hell marketing is all about. Well it’s true, we advertise, we sell, we get money, that’s how we work, to get money! So if advertising is only a small part why should I major this stuf? Juz Cuz it’s interesting! Advertising it’s all about selling thing in a different way to get money. AND money is what marketing is all about, well actually money is what our life’s about, silly.

According to American Marketing Association, Advertising is about how to present the stuffs they are selling or services they are providing, simple. Yes it might be a small part to a marketing, but it’s a big thing for me.

images: Better Networker


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