Breads for Everyone

There are certain strategies to raise your benefit in selling bread, one of them is selling em off with a big discount when the store is closing, we get cheap breads, the bakery gets rid of their leftovers and makes some more money, it’s win-win situation YAY!.

My lecturer said that you don’t need to be going to college to make a huge amount of money, his friend which is not a college-graduated makes a bigger money than most of college-graduated does, NOW this is awesome, should I quit my college? LOL No! I’m frikkin halfway to get my name elongated HA!

So the main point of making big money, especially when you are advertising something is Targeting .How to decide your target market? There 4 options: Responsive, it should have a big selling potential, wide media scope and of course market sensitivity. Not only targeting but Positioning is important as well. Well at first I thought it’s similar to market segmentation, but it’s different, it’s not about the audience stuffs, it’s about hypnotizing em with our brand! yes! Ipnoterapia HAHAHA

images: Bread Bakerys


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