A Glimpse of Attraction

To control our viewers mind by using our ad is our main goal. To decide what message will be decoded by our viewer’s brain we need  something to attract them, I have a long list, they are:

  • Celebrities, their popularity mainly is the main booster to our ad. Hot popular celebrities who are currently in their peak of popularity affect the selling of the products we’re selling through our ad. The other factors are mainly their appearance, credibility and their job. Just like the picture above which is advertising Audio Technica latest headphones, they hire BoA, whose job is a singer. Singer, music and headphones are making a good combination.

  • Humor, funny ads usually attracts more attention and it’s a good sign that the viewers are highly pursued by the ads we made.

  • Comparison,  Ads that include comparison usually get more trust and a better image when it comes to comparison. The ad I put above tells everything. Need explanation? No, you’re not that stupid, or are you?

  • Fear, afraid to munch some burgers after seeing this? It explains everything
  • Rational, Kind of ad that focuses on its product’s function, and detailed. The earlier ad about cholesterol explains this one too, God I love that ad.

  • Emotion, this kind of ad usually touches viewer’s heart instead of their mind, it motivates our viewer to buy our product by using their sensitivity and usually humanity.

Forbidden advertisements

advertisements that are forbidden to directly show their products are:

  • Alcohols
  • Tobaccos
  • Condoms
  • Prescription Drugs
  • etc.
Alcohol? Alcohol advertising is the promotion of alcoholic beverages by alcohol producers through a variety of media. Along with tobacco advertising, it is one of the most highly-regulated forms of marketing. Some or all forms of alcohol advertising is banned in some countries.
Scientific research, health agencies and universities have, over decades, been able to demonstrate a correlation between alcohol beverage advertising and alcohol consumption. However, it has not been proven that alcohol advertising causes higher consumption. It is in the alcohol industry’s interest to demonstrate that effective alcohol campaigns only increase a producer’s market share and also brand loyalty.

The European Union and World Health Organization (WHO) have both specified that the advertising of tobacco should not be allowed. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which came into effect on 27 February 2005, requires that all of the 168 countries that agreed to the treaty ban tobacco advertising unless their constitution forbade it.

Some countries also impose legal requirements on the packaging of tobacco products. For example, in the countries of the European Union, Turkey, Australia and South Africa, cigarette packs must be prominently labeled with the health risks associated with smoking. Canada, Australia, Thailand, Iceland and Brazil have also imposed labels upon cigarette packs warning smokers of the effects, and they include graphic images of the potential health effects of smoking. Cards are also inserted into cigarette packs in Canada. There are sixteen of them, and only one comes in a pack. They explain different methods of quitting smoking. Also, in the United Kingdom, there have been a number of graphic NHS advertisements, one showing a cigarette filled with fatty deposits, as if the cigarette is symbolising the artery of a smoker.

The American National Association of Broadcasters banned condom advertisements from national television. This policy remained in place until 1979, when the U.S. Justice department had it overturned in court. In the U.S., advertisements for condoms were mostly limited to men’s magazines such as Penthouse. The first television ad, on the California station KNTV, aired in 1975: it was quickly pulled after it attracted national attention. And in over 30 states, advertising condoms as birth control devices was still illegal.

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising is a relatively new area of prescription drug promotion. No federal law has ever banned DTC advertising. Until the mid-1980s, drug companies gave information about prescription drugs only to doctors and pharmacists. When these professionals thought it appropriate, they gave that information to their patients. However, during the 1980s, some drug companies started to give the general public more direct access to this information through DTC ads.


You are not doing anything if your advertisement is not “SUPER A”. What is SUPER A? They’re basic requirements for a good ad campaign, SUPER A stands for:

S for Simple

U for Unexpected

P for Persuassive

E for Entertaining

R for Relevant

and last but not least

A for Acceptable

sounds tacky but they really are important essences for a good ad, and remember good ad brings a load of cash 🙂

Breads for Everyone

There are certain strategies to raise your benefit in selling bread, one of them is selling em off with a big discount when the store is closing, we get cheap breads, the bakery gets rid of their leftovers and makes some more money, it’s win-win situation YAY!.

My lecturer said that you don’t need to be going to college to make a huge amount of money, his friend which is not a college-graduated makes a bigger money than most of college-graduated does, NOW this is awesome, should I quit my college? LOL No! I’m frikkin halfway to get my name elongated HA!

So the main point of making big money, especially when you are advertising something is Targeting .How to decide your target market? There 4 options: Responsive, it should have a big selling potential, wide media scope and of course market sensitivity. Not only targeting but Positioning is important as well. Well at first I thought it’s similar to market segmentation, but it’s different, it’s not about the audience stuffs, it’s about hypnotizing em with our brand! yes! Ipnoterapia HAHAHA

images: Bread Bakerys


The image shown above has completely nothing to do with advertising, it’s just something happened during my class. My lecturer is known for his ability to hypnotize his students, and he was on the edge of giving me that hypnotheraphy (Ipnoterapia in Italiano) juz cuz I wasn’t paying attention for his class, my bad and I’m sorry for that, now let’s move on.

There are some interesting stuffs I learned yesterday, one of them was Market Segmentation. Market segmentation is widely used in implementing strategies, especially for small and specialized firms. Market segmentation can be defined as the subdividing of a market into distinct subsets of customers according to needs and buying habits. And this is the awesome division of my beloved market segmentation:

Awesome! Didn’t know advertising was this complex, now I know market segmentation is not my forte.

Let’s Itali-fy this up, There’s also something about advertising which involves Italian as well, it’s Ad vertere, it means to mask or to cover some vision to something what we expect. When advertising itself informs us about the product itself.

There was also a cycle that go this way:
No Advertisement ☛ No Choice ☛ No Buying

which also means no advertisement equals to no money.

There are 2 kinds of ads, there are commercial ad which is created to pursue someone to use our product and such. And non-commercial ad which is a part of a social marketing campaign to sell an idea for public service purpose. There’s also corporate ad which is created to build an image of a known stuffs, such as cigarettes I guess.

images: Jack Jones Powerful Persuaders and Steak House

Rich is Better… Yo!

Well rich is better, who disagree? I’m outta here. I know it’s kinda awkward to say such a thing, but the fact that we have to GET REAL. I always hated whoever invented money, he ruined the world. But since the world is ruined and I don’t think I can fix that, I will just have to think that being rich is better.

My lecturer said that, advertising is only a small part of what the hell marketing is all about. Well it’s true, we advertise, we sell, we get money, that’s how we work, to get money! So if advertising is only a small part why should I major this stuf? Juz Cuz it’s interesting! Advertising it’s all about selling thing in a different way to get money. AND money is what marketing is all about, well actually money is what our life’s about, silly.

According to American Marketing Association, Advertising is about how to present the stuffs they are selling or services they are providing, simple. Yes it might be a small part to a marketing, but it’s a big thing for me.

images: Better Networker

gababa Wears Levi’s

So, the thing is… I haven’t been blogging for like… forever. And I’m sorry for that. I’m not abandoning my previous blog, it’s just my college which is keeping me busy and I don’t really have much time to blog as much as before.

First of all, gababa means completely nothing for me, I’ve tried to google what it means, but all I got was baby talk, so yeah it means literally nothing *maybe*. It’s just catchy! Ga.. Ba.. Ba..

Just so you know I’ve been interested in advertising world, and I’m majoring this stuff right now. And I have this very interesting class which teaches me the basics of advertising, most of them are creativity and a good ability to lie, yes get real! People lie to survive, and sin is not a new thing so I’m completely good with lying… I mean advertising. I was born for this! Yes!

My class is basically fun, I know most of the students and the lecturer seems fresh. It’s just fun learning something without numbers in it. I can’t complain.

So what’s with the billboard above showing the racy (for some of you, I know) picture of Calvin Klein Jeans ads? Where the point is my lecturer was talking about Levi’s last week and I couldn’t find any Levi’s billboard (in google, yes google means the world for me), so I’ll just use this one.

Levi’s itself has made its way as the most known jeans ALL OVER THE WORLD, I suppose. It sells its brand, its quality. Blah blah blah, and one thing I love about Levi’s is they once used BoA as their model, TAAA-RAA! *drum rolls*

*nosebleeds* I know she’s gorgeous… If I were born with an uterus sticking in my belly, I’d buy this jeans, well the only reaon is because she’s the one who is modeling for this jeans. AND? You know what? She might look good in the jeans, but will you? Think twice, this is advertising.

As for myself, I own only one Levi’s jeans, and yes it was a birthday gift from my friend a couple years ago. And don’t blame me for having such generous friends. Calm down they didn’t buy me the Levi’s Lady Style which is BoA advertised, I’m pretty sure my present came from the discounted piles of jeans, but still I’m thankful for my only Levi’s jeans in my closet, I wear it twice a week

images: Daily Billboard & Private Collection