Breads for Everyone

There are certain strategies to raise your benefit in selling bread, one of them is selling em off with a big discount when the store is closing, we get cheap breads, the bakery gets rid of their leftovers and makes some more money, it’s win-win situation YAY!.

My lecturer said that you don’t need to be going to college to make a huge amount of money, his friend which is not a college-graduated makes a bigger money than most of college-graduated does, NOW this is awesome, should I quit my college? LOL No! I’m frikkin halfway to get my name elongated HA!

So the main point of making big money, especially when you are advertising something is Targeting .How to decide your target market? There 4 options: Responsive, it should have a big selling potential, wide media scope and of course market sensitivity. Not only targeting but Positioning is important as well. Well at first I thought it’s similar to market segmentation, but it’s different, it’s not about the audience stuffs, it’s about hypnotizing em with our brand! yes! Ipnoterapia HAHAHA

images: Bread Bakerys



The image shown above has completely nothing to do with advertising, it’s just something happened during my class. My lecturer is known for his ability to hypnotize his students, and he was on the edge of giving me that hypnotheraphy (Ipnoterapia in Italiano) juz cuz I wasn’t paying attention for his class, my bad and I’m sorry for that, now let’s move on.

There are some interesting stuffs I learned yesterday, one of them was Market Segmentation. Market segmentation is widely used in implementing strategies, especially for small and specialized firms. Market segmentation can be defined as the subdividing of a market into distinct subsets of customers according to needs and buying habits. And this is the awesome division of my beloved market segmentation:

Awesome! Didn’t know advertising was this complex, now I know market segmentation is not my forte.

Let’s Itali-fy this up, There’s also something about advertising which involves Italian as well, it’s Ad vertere, it means to mask or to cover some vision to something what we expect. When advertising itself informs us about the product itself.

There was also a cycle that go this way:
No Advertisement ☛ No Choice ☛ No Buying

which also means no advertisement equals to no money.

There are 2 kinds of ads, there are commercial ad which is created to pursue someone to use our product and such. And non-commercial ad which is a part of a social marketing campaign to sell an idea for public service purpose. There’s also corporate ad which is created to build an image of a known stuffs, such as cigarettes I guess.

images: Jack Jones Powerful Persuaders and Steak House

Rich is Better… Yo!

Well rich is better, who disagree? I’m outta here. I know it’s kinda awkward to say such a thing, but the fact that we have to GET REAL. I always hated whoever invented money, he ruined the world. But since the world is ruined and I don’t think I can fix that, I will just have to think that being rich is better.

My lecturer said that, advertising is only a small part of what the hell marketing is all about. Well it’s true, we advertise, we sell, we get money, that’s how we work, to get money! So if advertising is only a small part why should I major this stuf? Juz Cuz it’s interesting! Advertising it’s all about selling thing in a different way to get money. AND money is what marketing is all about, well actually money is what our life’s about, silly.

According to American Marketing Association, Advertising is about how to present the stuffs they are selling or services they are providing, simple. Yes it might be a small part to a marketing, but it’s a big thing for me.

images: Better Networker