My Persona

Do I really have to put my brand in this blog? I don’t really want to do it though. But, yes I think I have to put it here, because some of my fellows did this too.

To start it off, branding yourself is an easy task for some people and would be difficult for some. Branding yourself is all about knowing yourself and knowing what fits the best in public eyes. Some people puts on fake mask, some follows the others to get attentions, some looks for attention badly by themselves and a lot of more kind of branding.

Basically we all only need one (or maybe a lil more) word to describe our brand. There are quirky, unique, candid, unexpected, attention-whore(I hate this one), angelic and a lot of more adjectives we can use to brand ourselves. We might get branded by the other people differently from what we brand ourselves to be, since being consistent to our brand would be difficult.

Now, since this is my blog, I’d gladly tell you what my brand is. It’s a tough decision to pick between artistic and abstract though, and I decided to go with Flexible. You know, I’m afraid of being a hypocrite that goes against his brand. And that what makes me flexible, I’m a chameleon that goes with what my surrounding gives me. I can be anything, I can be everything you want me to be, baby! And oh yeah I came across this very awesome pictures of a chameleon which is camouflaging to its surroundings.

Ta~ Ra~

I might be fake, I might be original but that’s what my brand is… Flexible 😉

Image: Diana Barshaw & MLM for Success